Monday, June 8, 2009


LibraryThing is amazing. I did not know it could do so much until I jumped on it just now and joined up. I can't wait to put all the book we have at home on it. Having all my books on there will make it so much easier to find out if I have a certain book. When you have a lot of books it is hard to keep track of which ones you have. LibraryThing will make it a lot easier to keep track of them. It is great to see how many other people have the same book and how they have rated them. Also their comments on the book. It will be really usefull to a lot of people and I can see myself using it a lot in the future. is amazing. There is such potential usage for it. To be able to just log into the one site and see all the other sites at just one click of a button on any Internet computer. It is interesting to see how many other people are interested in the same site. There is a lot of potential use for researching. It will be so useful to libraries because it brings together many different sites and is quickly and easily available. I had never heard of it before but will definitely be using it more in the future because it is so easy and convenient to use. Please use the following link to have a look at the site.