Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a look on the Mint Museum Wiki and found the Historic Costume Collection interesting. I enjoyed looking at all the old clothes and seeing what fashion used to be like. I think libraries might be able to use a Wiki to communicate with other staff or maybe the public??? I am still getting the hang of a Wiki as it is still very new to me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jondaryan Woolshed

This is a photo of the Station Smithy at Jondaryan Woolshed I found on Flickr. Jondaryan Woolshed is a great place to visit. The Heritage Festival in August is well worth going to. I went for the first time a few years ago and have gone every year since. It is such a friendly place I have volunteered during the festival for the last few years and plan to do it again this year. There are lots of programs running during the 9 days. Sheep shearing, Blacksmith, Olden day school demonstrations, Damper baking, Bullocks, Machinery, Milking and much, much more. Have a look on the Jondaryan Woolshed web site to find out about the other events they run throughout the year. It is well worth visiting and maybe you could stay the night in one of their cabins, rustic shearers quarters or in the powered camping area which they have there.